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Great Pieces,

Great Prices!


Fine furniture doesn't have to be expensive.

At Angelus you'll find tremendous savings on every style and every piece of brand name furniture, everyday!



Famous Brand


Angelus carries over 10,000 items from over 60 of the Best Brand Names in the furniture business. Such famous brand names as:

Stanley, Broyhill,

Better Homes and Gardens, Pulaski, New Classics, FFDM, Hooker, Universal, Fairmont, Winners Only,

and many more!


...So whether you're

looking to find a new

sofa for your living room,

a new place to do your dining, a curio for your collectables, or even a

great new look for your bedroom, Angelus is

the one place you'll find them all, for much less than you could imagine.



Angelus Furniture

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